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Vegan Lesbian

Nothing irritates me more then when people say “i only buy humane meat”. Most factory farms who claim to be humane are abusing the animals just as much as regular factory farms, and they usually die exactly the same way. But for this example, let’s just say they looked after the animals and were actually “humane”. Is there a humane way to kill humans who don’t want to die? Sure there’s euthanasia, but they still didn’t want to die so there’s nothing “humane” about it. Well it’s exactly the same with animals! There’s no ifs or buts about it. Even if it didn’t hurt how can you be so incredibly selfish to take away someones life away. Especially when all they wanted was to live, you don’t need meat to survive, and humans have many other food sources. 

Do you hate vegans because you love animal suffering or because they remind you that you contribute to it? Are you annoyed by vegan activism because you want animals to continue to suffer needlessly or because you don’t want to change anything in your life to lessen animal suffering?

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why argue with carnists about veganism when you can get the same sensation by hitting your head against a brick wall