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Anonymous: Why are you against self-diagnosing? 


It’s Extremely Dangerous
Mental illnesses aren’t in black and grey. They’re very complex and they all have overlaps of symptoms. It’s easy to assume that you have a specific mental illness or disorder, but it could be something else entirely. Not only could it be different type of mental illness (something you may not of heard of) but one of the biggest dangers of self diagnosis in psychological syndromes, is that you may miss a medical disease that masquerades as a psychiatric syndrome. Even more serious is the fact that some brain tumours can present with changes in personality or psychosis and even depression.

It May Be More Then One Condition
If you do have a mental illness, you rarely ever just have one. It’s extremely common to have two or more related mental illnesses. It’s also common to have a specific condition, but tendencies of another.

Online Quizzes And Test Are Unreliable
As i said above, mental illnesses are very complex, so there is no one objectively correct test you can take to pinpoint what illness or illnesses you have. An online test can’t observe your behaviour, or recognise behavioural patterns. 

Processionals Are Professionals For A Reason
Unless you have a degree in psychology/psychiatry/mental health counselling, you do not have the same level of knowledge of the human mind and of mental disorders that a professional has. They study for years and years to be able to identify and treat mental illnesses. They don’t just memorize a list of illnesses and their symptoms. They learn how the mind works, the chemistry behind it, and how disordered thinking works to determine what the issue is.

You Cannot Examine Yourself To The Same Degree A Professional Can
We can know and see ourselves, but sometimes, we need a mirror to see ourselves more clearly. The doctor is that mirror. By self-diagnosing, you may be missing something that you cannot see. A professional will be able to look at your situation objectively: they will look at your behavioural patterns, family health history, your reactions to stress, the symptoms you display before making a decision, etc.

Self Diagnosis Trivialises Mental Illness
There are still many people out there who don’t think mental illnesses are real, or that people who suffer from them just need to “get over it.” People taking an online quiz or reading a Wikipedia article to reach a diagnosis de-legitimatizes the severity of the condition. Giving the impression that a mental illness diagnosis is something that can be reached without a doctor gives off the impression that it’s not something serious, and some people will take it as validation that mental illnesses are just made up.

Mental Illnesses Are Medical Conditions 
They’re not fashion statements, quirks or convenient labels. They must be treated the same way as a physical illness would be because they are every bit as serious.